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Whole Chia Seeds and Milled Chia Seeds

AZChia provides a wealth of information about chia seeds and health, as well as offering a number of chia products for sale, including whole chia seeds, milled chia seeds, and seeds with either blueberry or cranberry powder, organic chia bars and chia oil capsules. You’ll find a tremendous amount of  reliable information on chia seed benefits, chia seed nutrition as well as over 100 free chia seed recipes on this website.

Founder Dr. Wayne Coates, who holds a PhD in Agricultural Engineering, has specialized in the production, evaluation and commercialization of chia (Salvia hispanica L.) since 1991. Dr. Coates has worked extensively with chia in South and Central America. Dr. Coates is currently Professor Emeritus at The University of Arizona Office of Arid Land Studies.

On this website he offers insights into chia history, consumption, storage, safety, production, growing and more. This fascinating crop, which was one of the four most important crops of the Aztecs, contains the highest amount of omega3 fatty acid of any known plant, and also contains significant amounts of protein, fiber, and antioxidants. Recently Dr. Coates authored the book CHIA: The Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood. As an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber, chia seed is a great energy source for a healthy, active lifestyle. We hope you become as excited about this impressive seed as we are!

Chia Product Research

Here at AZChia, we not only seek to be an excellent source of information on chia seed benefits and chia seed nutrition, but we are constantly learning more about chia and finding ways to make the seed more accessible to people. For example, we have created the Chia-2-Go Packets, which again are available in our store. These travel packs offer a convenient way to integrate chia into your diet and are just one of the ways we have found to bring chia into people’s daily lives.

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AZChia is constantly working on new products and research. Dr. Wayne Coates has authored two books which present insightful, practical applications of chia seed based on many years of study. Our chia products are certified for best agriculture and processing practices, and all products are kosher, vegan, halal and gluten free. To see our products go to our store


Chia Research

azchia research

AZChia presents years of thorough chia research on chia health benefits, chia composition, chia for animals and history. Read More

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AZChia provides many delicious recipes for free. There are countless ways to include it as part of your diet. Read More

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